Tumar, Zorman and Ridge.

Programs: MAYA

Crady at Circus.

Devild and music!


Crady #1

Programs: 3DSMAX
time: 5s

Crady #2

Programs: 3DSMAX
time: 5s


Programs: MAYA
time: 15s


Programs: MAYA
time: 6s

A girl and a pole.

The way the girl can use the pole.

time: 11s

to the Moon

size: 0.2 Mb
time: 4s

Animation for Mart 2004 contest of 10seconds

time: 10s

Animation for May contest of 10seconds

size: 0.8 Mb
time: 10s

The backfall...

Balance is the main in phisical training.

size: 0.2 Mb
time: 2s

Cycles for games.

Some examples of animation for the game.

Two flies .

Small animation joke
(only for adult flies ;)
size: 0.8 Mb
time: 3s

Animation for contest of 10seconds

Every month.
Animators all over the world gather together!
It gives only the audiofile, then you have to turn on your imagination!
size: 0.9 Mb
time: 10s


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